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Post  Pritong_Manok on Wed Jul 30, 2008 8:52 pm

aight i bought the olympic games thinking it would be track and field but it's actually not...

PROs: good concept for the game. How can you not enjoy competing in the olympics.

CONS: alot more than the pros... there are events like the high jump that were easy.. and the diving which the control seems to be well thought off but the running game and the swimming... you have to tap the x and o button alternately and no matter how fast you push you will get blown out by the comp. i know i've done button mashing and i may be slow but not that slow. along with the new start on the swimming and runnin.. u have a bar now that you have to hold down L2 or R2 but don't let the meter touch the red part cuz that makes ur guy run or dive so you can be called for false starts all the time since you have to wait for the gun or the whistle to blow.. but the by the time you hear the gun or the whistle the computer already has a 1/2 second lead on u since you now have to press the L2 or R2 button in order for your guy to go...

you can't customize your guy..but you can customize your team so you can have all asians on the american team. No team Philippines by the way only 32 countries. didn't even want to try judo since playing for a half hour already bored me. judo supposedly is so hard that you have to keep pressing buttons and hope ur lucky enough to pull off the right combination for a take down.. even the manual says just try a series of button combination so u can get someone down..

all in all i can go on on how i think the game is bad but i won't since i didn't play it enough.. the games are either too easy or too ibn between..teh only good thing about this is it does take away from the FPS games that seem to be only coming out on the ps3 nowadays..which get boring sometimes... but it's a rental game.. but i wouldn't even go that far.. i give it a C... good concept just some real bad spots in the game and no real excitement factor. i just lost 50 bucks since i'm going have to trade this in since i can't return opened items to game stop.. i can only exchange it for the same item. damn bitches.. but i will be prolly getting FF4 for the DS lite tomorrow.. eheheh

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